Words Left Unspoken

The hardest thing to understand are the words left unspoken.

The Bus Ride


“I know and I believe that one day, in God’s perfect time and reason, I’d be able to catch the best bus I could ever dream of…” ūüôā

I always take the bus when going to the office every morning, and when going home every afternoon. I must say that taking a bus is not always as easy as it can be. Why? Of course, you would love to wait for a perfect bus for you.¬†But sometimes, it really takes time to wait for it — a lot of time. You would exert effort in standing and for waiting patiently at the bus stop.¬†You would keep on waiting and searching for a single bus not knowing that there were already lots of buses that passed you by. You keep in mind a certain set of standards that you look for before getting on a bus.

You want a fully¬†air-conditioned¬†bus for you to feel comfortable all throughout your travel. Then, there you go, you keep on waiting and there were already several buses that have passed by but you didn’t ride on even one of those. Your reason? Simply because the bus was already crowded. There were people already standing there and you know that you won’t feel comfortable anymore if you ride on that.¬†But actually, you have a choice. It’s either you’ll take the risk of standing on the bus just to get to wherever you’re going, or you’d patiently wait again. And you chose the latter.

Another bus came and there were only a few people boarding on that. It was looking good as new. But still, you didn’t take it because it was not air-conditioned.¬†You think you won’t feel comfortable on it. You didn’t take the bus because ’twas not what you’re looking for.¬†You let it pass by you.¬†

You waited ’til you’re almost late for work. And with that, you’ve decided to ride on just an ordinary bus — a not so good but not a bad one neither. But the bottom line is,¬†you were not able to take the bus that you’ve waited for a long time.¬†

The next day, you were so scared to experience again the thing that happened to you the day before. So, you immediately took the first bus that stopped on the station. The entire ride was good but, still, you were thinking of a better bus that you could have taken.

Almost half-way through your entire ride, a bus passed by yours. And that bus was the one you’ve been patiently waiting for. You suddenly realized that it was just right behind you all the time and if you have waited for a little longer at the bus stop, you could have ridden on that one.¬†You felt a little sad and there was a little feel of regret.¬†

You actually have two choices. It’s either you’ll get off the bus or you’ll just continue the ride and wait for the bus to stop on your designated station. What would you do, then? Would you get off the bus? or… Would you enjoy the ride and think that you were meant to take that bus?

When this situation happens to me, I do the latter. I enjoy the ride. I think of positive things or reasons why God didn’t give me much patience that morning to wait for a particular bus. I have always believed that¬†everything happens for a reason.¬†I know that He has the best reason why I wasn’t able to get something I’ve been dreaming of. And also,¬†worrying will not bring any good, it’ll just suck the hell out of you, so, why worry?¬†

I know and I believe that one day, in God’s perfect time and reason, I’d be able to catch the best bus I could ever dream of. ūüôā