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Fly High Up in the Sky!

on March 20, 2013

Getting hurt and being in pain for a certain span of time has always been a part of loving someone. Yeah, you’ve got it right. It has always been a package deal — it goes hand in hand. So, if you think you’re ready to fall in love, make sure that you’re also ready to face heartaches, sleepless nights, cry-like-a-baby moments, and the like. And oh, yeah, make sure that you also have some headache relievers, ice bags, and a pair of sunglasses — you’ll need them, I swear, especially in the morning!

You should always remember that loving is a cycle. It’s a cycle of floating-in-a-cloud-nine and what-the-hell-i-wanna-die moments. However, there’s always been a reason, a lot of reasons, to smile and win yourself back — your old beautiful self that you lost when you got your heart broken.

Cry your heart out. Yeah, there’s no problem in crying. If there’s such a thing as “shop til you drop”, then, let me coin a term such as “cry til you dry”. Ugh, yeah, corny! Haha! But, yeah, go ahead. Cry til you remove all the water you have in your body — it’ll be a good way for you to replenish and re-hydrate yourself. Don’t suppress your feelings. It’s good to admit that you cannot always be strong. Showing that you are kinda weak, anyway, needs a lot of courage. Cry but make sure that you still can get up the next morning and face another day — so, this is when you’ll need your ice bag and sunglasses. If crying the whole night wasn’t enough and you think you still have a lot to release, cry again! Release all the heartaches that you’ve kept. Cry for a week if you want…but make sure that it’ll be the ceiling of all your cry-like-a-baby moments! Don’t let your heartache ruin another week of yours because you’ll use that week for the next thing that you have to do.

Go out and Let out. So, after several days, or probably a week of mourning — yes, I call it mourning! It’s now time for you to go out with your friends, you can go out alone but I won’t refer that because there might be a big tendency that you’ll end up being lonely when you see couples walking while holding hands. This time, you must be done with your all-alone-like-an-emo moments. It’s now time for you to have fun, okay, I know it’ll still be difficult but, at least, try. Be with your friends — your crazy friends! I’m pretty sure they won’t let you be sad again. Worrying that they might not go with you? Nah, forget that drama! Remember, friends are like pimples…they come out when you’re stressed out. Haha! Sure, they’ll go with you! Spend some time with them — a great time! Sing, eat, play, talk, and laugh! Start again by doing little things and you’ll soon notice that you’re getting better. 

Make yourself more beautiful. Okay, don’t get me wrong with this one. This surely won’t be a sort of revenge. As a girl, we have needs, but unlike men’s needs of course! We have to look good — dress appropriately, wear light make up, and of course, flash a smile that will uplift the people around you! Looking good begins by feeling good. That’s why this is the third thing you should do to regain yourself. The two that I have mentioned are reciprocals. They go side by side. When you look good, you would also feel good and vice versa.

Step out of the past. It’s good to look back and think of the past things that happened in your life. But just after a heartbreak? Not yet! Let yourself heal first. Make sure that you can already look back before doing so, because if not, the tendency is that you’ll get hurt again. Take sometime for you to heal completely. Take some time for you to regain your strength. Time heals all wounds, as they say. 

Get rid of your hopes and thoughts that you two can get back together. As per Taylor Swift, “But we are never ever ever ever getting back together…like ever”. Yeah, once it’s done, it’s done. It’s not good to put the broken pieces back together because even if you try to, the microscopic empty spaces will still be there because of those very little shards that can’t be put back. There will still be marks in your heart that might be the reason for it to be broken again. I’m not trying to be nega here, I’m just stating the fact that all good things come to an end, and sadly, you already had yours. Protect your heart and move on. 

Learn what you should learn. Do what you should do.  According to Newton’s Law of Motion, “In every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction.” Chill. I’m not trying to be a science geek this time. Haha! What I’m trying to say is that, you should be responsible for all your actions. There’ll be a consequence in everything you do — be it good or bad, big or small. The main point is, you should be ready to face these consequences and learn how to handle these things. I believe that people learn because of experiences — be it good, bad, not-so-good, oh-so-bad, nothing-but-the-best or it-sucks-like-hell experiences.You cannot change the past but you can always learn something from it for you to have a better future. You can always turn negative vibes into positive ones and make the most out of everything. 

Keep moving forward and upward. So, I think, you are now on the last part of your “Regain Myself Back Project” Hahaha! What a lame term! Anyway, after exerting all your effort in doing the previous steps that I have suggested, you should now keep moving. Don’t let yourself be stuck at a certain point. Keep going because you may still be dragged backwards if you stop at one point even if you’re already halfway. Keep moving upward. Don’t let yourself be in that situation again. You should have learned your lesson. Nobody’s perfect, yes. Everyone commits mistakes, yes. Everyone can make the same mistake twice, hell no! If you do the same mistake twice, the latest one is not a mistake anymore — it’s already a choice. So, be careful with your decisions.

It feels so good to love and to be loved back. But there will be times that you would have to cry like there’s no tomorrow. But what’s important is that you would still manage to get up and let go of all those heartaches that you’ve got. Make yourself more worthy as a person and give up all the burdens that you have because of your past. Never think of the unthinkable. Learn your lesson and don’t do the same mistake twice. Keep moving forward and upward. Regain your worth, know who you really are, aim for the best. Fly high up in the sky! 


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  1. heyitsdette says:

    Thank you! 🙂

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