Words Left Unspoken

The hardest thing to understand are the words left unspoken.

Beautiful Goodbye…

on March 13, 2013

Is there an easy way of saying goodbye? What are, literally, goodbyes for? Are they really to end something…or to start a new beginning as some people say? When will be the most perfect time to say goodbye?

Saying goodbye to the person I’ve loved the most. One of the hardest things that I’ve ever done in my entire existence. I have loved this person for 5 long years hoping that someday, he would feel the same way and love me back. But, I was wrong. Absolutely wrong. All I had were heartaches, headaches, swollen eyes, heavy eyelids, and a really painful memory. All I wanted was to be loved by him but it never happened. It never did–even in my dreams.

I have given too much, my friends said. But, what can I do? That’s a part of loving, right? Taking care of the one you love and doing the things that pleases him. Getting hurt is a part, a big part, of loving someone. That’s a package deal. That is also a cycle: loving, getting hurt, saying goodbye, so on and so forth.

I believe that goodbye is really a difficult thing and most of the ones I know take it as a negative thing. Well, I do, too. But that doesn’t mean that I am not open-minded enough to see the goodness in it. The word itself says, GOOD BYE. Maybe, it just depends on how we perceive things. As the saying goes, “We perceive things not as what they are but as who we are.” 🙂

When do you have to say goodbye?

Say goodbye when the situation already sucks the hell out of you. C’mon, yeah, getting hurt is a part of loving. But, don’t be a masochist. YOU.ARE.UNIQUE. You deserve to be loved. You deserve to be given attention. If the people, or at least the situation, around you don’t make you happy anymore, leave! Yeah, it’s really difficult at first but believe me, once you get through it, you’ll definitely feel so free and happy.

Say goodbye when you have already given your best or, at least, what he deserves. Too much love will kill you, and him, too. When you know you’ve done your part and still, nothing happened, stop. Some people say, “keep on fighting!”, yeah, easier said than done. It’s not bad to fight for what you love and for what you think you deserve. But, it’s not bad to stop and give yourself some space, neither. Both of you have to breathe. That’s a need!

Say goodbye when he already did or when he doesn’t wanna fight with you. It’s difficult to fight alone. Yes, your family and friends are there but what about the one you’re fighting for? Okay, enough said.

Saying goodbye has never been easy. And it never will be. You have to go through a lot of pain, tears, and sacrifices. But once you finally did it, you will feel happy and free.

Goodbyes will always be sad. But as they say, “In every ending, there will be a new beginning.” You can’t always be stuck in a certain place. You definitely have to move on. You will move on.

Make your life better. Make your goodbyes…beautiful. 🙂


6 responses to “Beautiful Goodbye…

  1. Kimberley says:

    Saying goodbye…is indeed…one of the hardest things to do. Good blog post 🙂

  2. jmva20 says:

    Thanks, girl! Ahaha! Help me create my Blogspot account, okay? 🙂

  3. heyitsdette says:

    You keep on fighting. But the person you’re fighting for never fights back for you. Ohh fudge that shhii. So you have to say goodbye to that person especially when it ain’t working no more! Haha!

  4. jmva20 says:

    Wiw, thanks! Haha! 😉

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